In real bars,
you raise a glass.
here, we’re out to raise the bar

The Bar is about taking our most outstanding, customer-obsessed work, from all over the world, and making it better. It’s about taking a long, hard, eye-drying look at every, single piece. The good work. The great work. And yes, the not-so-great work. The Bar is also a place for us to share ideas with each other, discover new strategies and mental models from the global team and just plain talk. Remember what that was like? So, dive in.

Click on a few things. And let’s get down to raising The Bar.

Accessible to Amazon Employees Only


The stuff that makes good work – according to us. These are the near-and-dear brand standards that we use to develop and evaluate our creative work.

Get To By

Every project has a “GET TO BY”, even if you don’t know it yet. Here, we use this system to explore the purpose and strategy of some of our most exciting work.

5 Star System

Creative work is ranked on a scale of 1-5 stars. When evaluating work, count how many brand tenets are exemplified by the work. More tenets = more stars.

Q1 '23 Submissions Open Feb 20 - Mar 17

Submission criteria can be found here